Safety is our priority!

As in any extreme sport there is risk to jump on the trampolines or into the foam pit. All participants, parents / guardians assume their own and their children risk , acts responsively and promises to follow the rules of the park to minimize these risks.

Before starting to jump, it is mandatory to watch the safety video, sign the waiver and do the warming up of the muscles.

Non-slip socks are required. If you do not have them, you can buy them at the reception. They are reusable.

It is forbidden to skip pregnant women, people with health problems and under the influence of alcohol and other substances.

It is important that the participants are aware of the injuries involved in the activity in the park, if it is not practiced with care and knowing the limits of each one. Do not jump, or perform tricks, beyond your abilities.

– Do not perform new maneuvers or double jumps without the supervision of a professional

– Only one person allowed per trampoline

– Important to keep distance safe between participants

– Always jump to the center of trampoline and land shadows both feet

– Forbidden to jump to the foam pool with the head down, try to fall on the back, sideways or standing

– Forbidden to run

– Forbidden to hung on safety nets

– It is mandatory to enter the park without accessories, jewelery, dangerous and sharp objects

– It is forbidden to enter with food or drink in the zone of the activities.

– Always pay attention to the park monitors!

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